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Tax Planning

Tax Planning is a critical service designed to minimize your lifetime tax liability through careful review and strategic planning. Our firm’s comprehensive approach includes quarterly reviews and annual planning sessions to ensure that every aspect of your financial life benefits from optimized tax efficiency.

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Tax Planning

What is Tax Planning?

Tax Planning refers to our review of your tax returns to identify potential planning opportunities – both now and in the future – to keep your lifetime tax liability as low as possible.

Our firm offers quarterly reviews and annual Tax Planning to help you proactively model and evaluate current and future tax efficiency strategies.

Why is Tax Planning important to you?

Taxes touch every part of your financial life.  Your tax return is a financial footprint: it’s completely unique to you.  Understanding your returns equips us to have more valuable and actionable conversations with you.

Who is Tax Planning For?

Everyone!  Regardless of your income sources or filings status, nearly anyone who pays income taxes can benefit from having a professional review of your returns to identify relevant Tax Planning opportunities.

What kinds of Tax Planning opportunities might be identified?

We will evaluate topics like business entity formation strategies, tax efficient retirement vehicles, charitable giving strategies, harvesting capital gains, Roth IRA conversions, tax credit eligibility and more.

We can model projections to see how potential changes may impact your upcoming tax liability.

Accounting & Business Services Irvine CA

Tax Planning

Tax Preparation & Planning

With tax codes becoming increasing complex, it’s critical to have an advisor who understands how to navigate the changing landscapes of federal, state and local legislation.

With our deep understanding of tax legislation, we uncover unseen liabilities, help you structure your business to minimize your tax burden, and identify ways to reduce your tax burden across the board.

Estate & Trust Tax Preparation

The most effective way to protect your estate is to plan for it now. With intelligent structuring, you can avoid the complications that plague those who haven’t planned properly.

Endeavor works hand-in-hand with your legal counsel to structure your estate the right way, so that it transitions smoothly to your heirs – with minimal tax burden.

Accounting & Business Services Irvine CA

Additional Tax Services

Business Entity Selection

When it comes to taxes, not all businesses are created equal. The entity you select has enormous implications for both your tax and financial liabilities.

Endeavor helps you structure your business properly from the beginning.

We work with you to select the right entity type, address key financial issues and advise you on your liabilities as your business grows and evolves.

IRS Representation

The last thing anyone wants is an audit – or even a letter – from the IRS. And if you don’t know how to navigate these turbulent waters, they can be scary indeed.

We bring years of experience to ensure that you’re properly represented for both federal and state tax issue. We work directly with the IRS and state tax officials to make sure that any issues are resolved swiftly and smoothly.

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